They all want to be something better

Holga photography by jcgepte

Let’s keep the Angelo love going, shall we? My tattoo’s still got a little burn going on reminding me it’s still there, and I just burned & re-listened to the latest & last Bauhaus release Go Away White that leaked sometime last week for him (they are one of Angelo’s favorite bands, and the band he listened to while sketching out the lotus, and you may remember a little vinyl rip we did not too long ago, still up by the way).

It’s pretty fucking good… it’s got the depth and rich sound I fell in love with when I saw them live about 2 years back, but still has the classic Bauhaus sound to them! I have no idea what hard-core fans will think of this, guess I’ll ask Ang after he’s had a chance to spin this at work. For the rest of us… just enjoy!

Bauhaus – 01 Too Much 21St Century

They all want to be something better
a better singer

a better actor
a better job
better money

better get her
better lover

better not…

Bauhaus – 02 Adrenalin
Bauhaus – 03 Undone
Bauhaus – 04 International Bullet Proof Talent
Bauhaus – 05 Endless Summer Of The Damned

Go show Bauhaus all your gothy-lovins here, here, and here now!

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