Presents… In My Own Time on Vinyl!!!

Photography by DonaRita

Anyway you made it
was just fine
so you turn your days
into night time
didn’t you know
you can’t make without ever even trying?

I must admit, when good friend and vinyl addict Byron (remember him from the Up-Tight & Meat Is Murder rips?) handed me Karen Dalton’s In My Own Time and said, “here, you got to listen to this!”, I was a bit skeptical. I try not to judge albums by their covers, but this looked like some lost folk album, some “deep” woman plucking and whining on an acoustic guitar for about an hour. But… as my attempts to record Bowie’s Diamond Dogs failed, just too many skips, too many, my ears would wince, my heart would sink… and considering how long I’ve been holding on to these to LPs, I decided to give it a go. What the fuck is this? Her voice, I don’t think I can describe, some of you will hate it, some will adore it, it’s like a cross between Billie Holliday, Madeline Peyroux, and Joanna Newsom? Maybe, kinda, not really, sometimes, a little…

Musically, it’s, uh, everything… soul, jazz, rock, country, R&B and even folk. It’s was recorded in 1971 only to finally get released in 2006 with the full treatment, at least 180 grams & a lovely two page insert with write-ups, history, the works but the thing is… it doesn’t sound dated at all! If you had told me this was just some woman & her band down in Louisiana doing her own thing, following her own heart, wandering from gig to gig, playing a mix of her songs & songs she loves, under-appreciated, but happened to get an album pressed, well…. I’d believe you.

So sorry Byron & thank you… I’ll learn to trust more and rip faster (yeah, he let me borrow this months ago!). Amazing album, not much more to say, so let’s get on with it as…

TSURURADIO Proudly Present In My Own Time on Vinyl!!!
(Full Zip)


1. Something On Your Mind
2. When A Man Loves A Woman
3. In My Own Dream
4. Katie Cruel
5. How Sweet It Is


1. In A Station
2. Take Me
3. Same Old Man
4. One Night Of Love
5. Are You Leaving For The Country

By the way, the album comes with a bonus CD of some unreleased goodies… so really, go show Ms. Dalton all your love here, here, and here now!

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2 comments for “Presents… In My Own Time on Vinyl!!!

  1. Paul
    January 29, 2008 at 3:10 AM


    This record is really interesting! It didn’t take me too long to get used to her extremely expressive Billie- Holiday-in-Appalachia voice. I’d say it’s a lost classic.


    P.S. It’s nice to be able to post comments here. You’ve introduced me to lots of cool stuff. Now I can give you a shout out in return.

  2. Tsuru
    January 30, 2008 at 10:48 PM

    Hey Paul,

    Yeah, went for comments, why not, right?? Pajiba inspired me.


    Thanks for the shout out over on your amazing site! Had a feeling you’d dig this one…

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