Pain, prog, and a perfect weekend…

Photography by Tsuru

Hey team, back in Columbus after a lovely & relaxing weekend in Tampa with my wife & my family. Good times… man the weather was gorgeous, a whopping 75 degrees (except one day, where it drop to a massive 60! I know, you are shivering already). Well, the finale of the long weekend was a little update to my crane tattoo, Tsuru’s tsuru if you will, a little touch up and a little addition, a lotus flower.

Well, today’s little obsession comes right from my little painful session as Angelo at Redletter1 (my brother-in-law) blared an obsession of his (that I started with a little cd burn & ultimately the real thing for xmas (2 points for me!)). Considering we never gave this indie-prog rock band a proper write-up, I figured we’d do this today!

Easily Angelo’s album of 2007 (probably the only album of 2007 he paid any attention too), Battles mind-boggling (and pain-distracting) prog epic Mirrored. And to help you along, watch as Angelo adds my new lotus flower to my crane (crane pictured above, yeah, that’s my arm up there, lotus added below)…


Battles – 01 Race In

Battles – 02 Atlas

Battles – 03 ddiamondd

Battles – 04 Tonto

Battles – 05 Leyendecker

Good times… More to come soon! Plus our next vinyl rip this weekend! WOOOOP!!!


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