Definition of Tsuruloosies

Photography “Forgotten Melodies” by Fidginia

Term: tsuruloosies
Main entry: tsu·ru·loo·sies
Pronunciation: (sü-rü-lü-s?s)
Function: Noun
Etymology: From the urban slang loosie for a single cigarette or can of beer
Date: 2008

1. Individual favorite songs from an album that wasn’t obsessed over by Tsuru.

2. Songs from albums that have not leaked yet, but Tsuru has on mad repeat.
3. Songs randomly downloaded, such as b-sides or, for reasons often unknown, Tsuru didn’t grab the album.
4. Older songs that Tsuru remembers fondly for some god-forsaken reason, searches it out, and throws it on the ipod, listens to it 10 times, then immediately forgets about it.

…I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours! Seriously, Tsurubride said to list your tsuruloosies… hop to it, use those comments (I turned them on for a reason) or she’ll kick your ass!!!

She can be quite feisty at times… ;) Here’s some of mine (in ABC order), enjoy!

Adele – Daydreams
Basically, a less drug-addled Winehouse.

Arcade Fire – Maps (Studio Version)
Not sure where I got this, not even a fan of the original song.

Bright Eyes – Smoke Without Fire
From a sweet mixtape over at Peanut’s Playground a while back.

Cheap Trick – If You Want My Love
One of my favorite cheesetastic songs ever!

Concrete Blonde – Mexican Moon
The last song Concrete Blonde made that I liked.

Cracker – Eurotrash Girl
Best. Hidden. Track. Ever.

Hrsta – Beau Village
A gem from an album that’s been sitting on my ipod forever.

Islands – The Arm
Something new! Is that prog I hear?? Oh boy oh boy!

Jonathan Richman – New England
Happy sigh…

Mims featuring Purple Popcorn – This Is Why I’m Hot (Rock Mix)
Heard this at a Forever 21, remembered the chorus, did a lyric search, found the right version, bought it on itunes, burned it, ripped it to mp3, and now it’s yours. I really bad & fun rap/rock song.

Radiohead – Nude
Sacrilege, but, I never got into Radiohead, but there is usually a song or two on each album I like. I like this one.

She And Him – Why Do you Let Me Stay Here
One word on this album… it will be ADORABLE (and you know it)!

Social Distortion – Reach For The Sky
My favorite punk band (really, it’s hard country-based rock, but whatever)…

Sons And Daughters – The Nest
Couldn’t get into the new album, but dug this bad boy.

Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies – Christmas Time For Girls And Boys
Late? Or just really really really early?

The Flaming Lips – Be My Head
I have no idea where or when I got this.

The New Caledonia – Disco In Outer Space City
Mmm… prog-dance-rific!

NOTE: No post tomorrow afternoon, my dear friends. I know, I know… you are overwhelmed with all kinds of sadness. The Mrs and I are driving to Headliners down in Louisville, Kentucky tomorrow afternoon (leaving work early) to see, for the second time, the infamous and incomparable soul-funk stylings of Ms. Sharon Jones! Fuck yeah! I’ll try to do a concert review, but I may be too overwhelmed with the funk to take pictures or be able to write coherent sentences. Either way, I’ll still get a vinyl rip up this weekend…. why? Because I love you.


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