Common scars brought us together

Photography by karmaone

How does one follow up the amazing Rubies & the sublime Challengers (our #2 album of last year)? With some beautiful tunes laced with gorgeous guitar work and a whole bunch of la-la-la-la-la-la’s, of course! At first I had a problem, expectations were naturally very high, not too mention, after the number times I listened to Challengers, going back to a whole album of his syrupy voice with it’s over exaggerations of tones & inflections seemed a bit much at first, so, yeah, my first impression was “meh”.

But… I knew better, this is fucking Dan Bejar, man! I put this on full album repeat and just let it run and run (and run and run). With each listen (I think I’m up to 10 or so), I grew more and more in love this thing! Is it Rubies? No… it’s different, it’s more wandering, more cruising along, taking the songs as they come, more…. spontaneous? Yeah, that’ll work. Just enjoy!

Destroyer – Dark Leaves From A Thread
Destroyer – Foam Hands
Destroyer – Introducing Angels

Common scars
brought us together
common scars
brought us together
Prominent scars
brought us together
beneath an idiot’s moon
it comes to soon
just plant tulip and
watch it bloom
introducing angels…

Destroyer – Plaza Trinidad
Destroyer – Libby’s First Sunrise

Go show Mr. Bejar all your love (I’m pre-ording this vinyl ASAP!) here, here, and here now!

OH, and by the way, no vinyl rip this weekend, heading down to Tampa, FL to see some family… So, won’t be able to get more vinyl up until next week. Sorry, have a great weekend… see you guys later!

1 comment for “Common scars brought us together

  1. the_peanut
    January 18, 2008 at 9:46 PM

    It’s definitely not another “Rubies”, it’s a whole different kind of beast. Much more accessible at first listen(s). I’m not particularly a big Destroyer fan, although I really appreciate the craftmanship of his music. Seems like this will be ending up on a lot of yearlists though.

    Oh and you have a good trip to Fl. man. Say hi to my wife when you happen to run into her. She’s the one with the huge ammount of shoppingbags in her arms haha
    Gotta love that EURO/USD exchange rate (if you happen to be from Europe)!

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