Back at home again

Photography by colddanfeettan

This one’s pretty fucking cool. Interesting mix of things going on in today’s little obsession, Come Into My House by No Kids. Everything starts off simple enough, nice little indie-vibe going on and what not on “Great Escape” with a lovely falsetto, strings, organ, and cool little-drummer-boy action. It then slides into an R&B-esque meets Ween or something with “For Halloween”. Next up is a song, “The Beaches All Closed”, that if you told me was a quasi-serious Flight Of The Conchords song, well… I’d totally believe you! Yeah, maybe that’s a good way to describe it, it’s Flight Of The Conchords meets Ween minus the parody & toilet humor? Sure… why not.

Yeah, the whole album just goes from one sound to another, but without sounding disjointed and messy, a tough trick to pull! Quite a nice way to end a very short work week (thank you so much long weekends, especially long weekends that we extend by a day! HA!)


No kids – 01 Great escape
No kids – 02 For halloween
No kids – 03 The beaches all closed

Back at home again
well & every evening
endin’ front of the tv flippin
back at home
endin’ every evening
well that’s my time
what you been thinkin’?

No kids – 04 Bluster in the air
No kids – 05 I love the weekend

Go show the Vancouver Canucks (god bless Canada, eh? where would music be without ’em?) all your love here, here, and here now!

Oh hey…. look for a new vinyl rip this weekend!!!


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