Tsururadio Vinyl Preservation Society…

Did you notice the new icon over on the left side? No, no, no… not the picture of me, the cutie playing air guitar next to the records under the “Mixtape” icon! Well, I gots one of dem myspacer pages for this little site of mine (I’m going to let it shine) that is now the official meeting ground for the newly renovated Tsururadio Vinyl Preservation Society. So, come on over, join (i.e. “befriend” the society), and let’s ramble on about the wonders of vinyl, such as (but not limited to): what you got, ripped, play it on, want to trade, are lookin’ for, want me to rip, etc, etc, etc… you get the idea. Okay, see you there, you freakin’ vinyl addicts!!

* edit —> forgot to mention, myspace is blocked at work for me, so all friend request will be added in the evenings or on the weekends!

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