Trying all the time to find something that would make you mine

Photography by Meduse

Well, doesn’t today’s obsession compliment Wednesday’s so nicely. Been on this Beulah kick lately, granted it’s an off-and-on kick with all the damn leaks going on (if I was a plumber, why, I’d be totally rich by now! okay… okay… that was lame, even for my lame ass).

Simply beautiful, lush pop and a sweet little Magnetic Fields reference (timely, eh?) as The Coast Is Never Clear helps wash away this exhausting week and I ride into the sunset (otherwise known as “getting the fuck out of work and starting my weekend!”, TGIF, my ass, more like Triple-F! Finally Fucking Friday!).

Alright, enough work angst, enjoy my friends. Not sure what the weekend holds, but if I get some time, we’ll see if we can go for another rip de vinyl (damn, that’d make 3 in 3 weeks, not bad)…


Beulah – Hello Resolven
Beulah – What Will You Do When Your Suntan Fades?
Beulah – Popular Mechanics For Lovers

I heard he wrote you a song
But so what

Some guy wrote 69
And one just ain’t enough

And there’s no sense in trying
I know cuz I’ve been
Trying all the time
to find something that would make you mine

But all I ever find my love
Are clichés that don’t rhyme

Popular mechanics for broken hearts could help me now

Just because he loves you too
He would never take a bullet for you

Don’t believe a word he says

He would never cut his heart out for you

Beulah – Gravity’s Bringing Us Down
Beulah – Hey Brother
Beulah – Night Is The Day Turned Inside Out

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