She’s out of control, it’s out of control

Photography by Dona Rita

I had some trouble with today’s album… great friend and pervy-ninja Peanut sent me Kenna’s Make Sure They See My Face, not once, but twice! That’s how much he was obsessing over this album, it was kicking his ass!!! It’s Kenna’s second release and co-produced by the guy who is not Pharrell Williams from The Neptunes, the guy who plays Art Garfunkel to Pharrell’s Paul Simon.. According to Wikipedia, his name is Chad Hugo. Yay for him.

Now, I have great faith in Peanut’s choice in music, eventhough he warned me that even he was surprised that he was digging some 1/2 Neptunes co-produced thing, I was pretty excited to check this one out. So Sunday, I loaded her in the player and Monday at work I gave it a spin.

It’s interesting… it’s very cheezy, it’s sounds like, oh how do I describe this (probably only about 3 of your will “get me” on this one), it sounds like a side-project from some guitarist or something from some late 80’s band. Seriously, it’s chocked full of cheese, like Velveeta cheese, you know? The vocals are strong, but a bit over the top… The lyrics are, well, they are cheesy, you know? It’s like, there’s a reason why this guy is the guitarists or keyboards or whatever and not the singer/songwriter. Yet, I felt compelled to keep going. There was something about it, something there, just out of my reach…

So eventually, with confusion swirling around between my ears, I switched out and soon found myself listening to (and ultimately getting stuck on) Black Mountain. I tried again the next day, then the next, but then found myself sucked into the Daniel Johnston confusion…

Finally yesterday I was determined to figure this out. Am I trying to like this because Peanut recommended it, but I actually don’t? Or do I like it, but think I don’t because of all the cheese, and the near-christian-rock-vibe (scary)? It was time to seek help… First my friend & co-worker (and a pervy-ninja herself) Jodi, I burned her a copy and asked her advise. After about 20 minutes, she looked at me with a confused face that would’ve been a perfect artist impression of what my ears were thinking.

I burned another copy for the drive home from work, my bride will help me with this, she’s got a way of clearing any fog that clouds my vision…. I loaded her up and the first cheese-tastic song loaded up and something interesting happened. We both start bopping around, having fun, and I found myself singing along! Then it clicked… THIS is how it’s meant to be heard! Not alone, on a set of headphones, isolated from the world, no no no! It’s meant to be played loud, in a car, at a house party, maybe even a club, with friends, where you can dance, or bob your head too, and have some socializing good times!

So, yes Peanut… I like it, I like it alot. Will I be listening while cranking out emails to Hong Kong at work? No. But in the car? Or our next little house-shing-ding? Fuck yeah! Thanks, my friend! Okay, enough jibba-jabba, it’s time to share, listen (they are posted in order), and enjoy Kenna’s 2007 release Make Sure They See My Face (remember, turn it up loud)!

Kenna – Daylight
Kenna – Out of Control (State Of Emotion)
Kenna – Loose Wires / Blink Radio
Kenna – Say Goodbye To Love
Kenna – Sun Red Sky Blue

All this pressure’s building up
and there’s a chance it’s gonna explode
and I can’t promise how when or where
but I can tell you it will happen for sure
it’s crazy world it’s spinnin’ fast
round and round it goes
just keep you eyes on me now, love
never stray, never let go.. No!

She’s out of control, it’s out of control!
I don’t care what is happening
No getting frustrated, I want to be sedated!
So I don’t care what’s come with me
Yeah, it’s doin’ my head, you’re doin’ my head!
I can’t change, the state of emotion!

Go show Kenna some love here, here, and here now!

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