Presents… Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics!!!

Photography “Xmas Obsession No.4” by Tsuru

Jesus was born, and so I get presents
Thank you Jesus for being born!

Hooooowdy hoooo, my dear pervy-ninjas!!! Are you flossing your teeth every day???

You know, as much as I fought the idea, I just couldn’t seem to get past doing some kind of post dedicated to Santa’s birthday. I love the holidays fine (though which holiday I could be celebrating, I really don’t care, as long as I get to give & receive presents I’m good) but… I don’t really care for holiday music, not sure why, sure the songs are pretty and/or fun and/or whatever, but beyond parodying them in my most obnoxious opera-style voices, I really don’t give two shits (or one for that matter) about them.

There is one exception, my lowest brow exception to everything, the genius and blatant obviousnicity (trademarked humor that is South Park. Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classic is THE holiday album I play, dance, sing, laugh, and laugh some more every stinkin’ year. And true, it speaks more about the brilliance of Marc Shaiman‘s song writing (see South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut (best soundtrack ever!)) than maybe about the show, but it wouldn’t be much with Trey & Matt’s fucked-up sense of humor. Songs about Mary sucking all the dick she wants but remaining a virgin? Christmas in Hell with Hitler & Michael Landon? And how all the other religions need to learn about the concept of “Merry Fucking Christmas” via Mr. Garrison? Yeah. Good times. It works… gets me in the spirit every year! It’s a god damn TURD people! =D

Now if you haven’t heard this and are a sensitive bear when it comes to Christianity, Judaism, Muslims, etc, etc, or really most relatively known religion… you may want to look away. Otherwise, download and enjoy as we present, for your holiday pleasure, in it’s entirety!

TSURURADIO Presents… Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classic!!!
(Full Zip)

1. Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo
2. Merry Fucking Christmas
3. O Holy Night
4. Dead, Dead, Dead
5. Carol of the Bells
6. The Lonely Jew On Christmas
7. I Saw Three Ships
8. It Happened In Sun Valley
9. O Tannenbaum
10. Christmas Time In Hell
11. What The Hell Child Is This?
12. Santa Claus Is On His Way
13. Swiss Colony Beef Log
14. Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
15. Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel
16. The Most Offensive Song Ever
17. We Three Kings
18. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Ah, and for those of you wondering where my “best of ’07” is… I’m working on it. Been an amazing year, to say the least, I’m putting together our special 07 ranking for after xmas. It will be the first thing up, unless I get a hankering to rip some vinyl! =P

Peace, love, and vinyl to you all!

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“Xmas Obsession No. 3: Gimme gimme!”

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  1. Anonymous
    May 3, 2008 at 9:49 AM

    Merry F****in Christmas is my fave. Thanks for posting this.=)

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