Presents… Blacklisted on Vinyl!!!

Photography by Victoria Renard

(It’s a rare day when I use a photo of an artist as the photo for the post, but c’mon… it’s Neko! She’s not afraid to show us her sexy side as these photos by Victoria Renard show. There is nothing sexier than a confident woman, my friends… Okay, let’s get this started)

How’s hope feeling today
Tired and sick of this place

Red wine is fast

This one’s for my baby… It was her birthday yesterday, if I wasn’t busy catering to all her wishes, this would’ve been up then, but, priorities, my friends, priorities… you GOTTA take care of your lady & love. But as her birthday weekend wraps up (and while she slept in this this morning) I was able to rip one of her favorite artists and an absolutely amazing album, Neko Case’s haunting 2002 release, Blacklisted.

Man, that photo is distracting, eh?

Where was I? Oh yeah… Gonna keep this one short, I’ve done enough jibber jabbering this week, besides, what’s to say anyway? Neko’s amazing, her work only seems to get better, not only with each new release, but each album seems to improve with age! This album’s no different of course. I will say though, that man o’ man, I got some wicked goosebumps during her cover of Aretha Franklin’s “Running Out Of Fools”. Good times…

Feelin’ rather ADD today, so let’s just do it, shall we? As I first wish my baby, the love of my life, Happy Birthday! I love you like crazy, babydoll! And now…

TSURURADIO Proudly Presents… Blacklisted on Vinyl!!!
(Full Zip)

Side One

101 Things That Scare Me
102 Deep Red Bells
103 Outro With Bees
104 Lady Pilot
105 Tightly
106 Look For Me (I’ll Be Around)

Side Two

201 Singing Velvet
202 Pretty Girls
203 I Missed The Point
204 Blacklisted
205 I Wish I Was The Moon
206 Runnin Out Of Fools
207 Ghost Writing
208 (silence)
209 Untitled

Go show the beautiful Neko all your love here, here, and here now! But first… some more from that sexy shoot!

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