I hate California girls

Photography by Zaxpix

Okay, enough about riv-dog, teh vars, whatever… the rest of the album leaked, it’s a novelty at best, and now (as Colbert (who I miss, DAMN YOU WRITERS STRIKE!!!) would say) we are movin’ on.

To what, you may ask? A fair question… Why something new! Another new leak, the indescribable Magnetic Fields and their new album Distortion. It’s been a big day for leaks, we had British Sea Power, Magnetic Fields, Beach House, and Rivers, but it’s Distortion I can’t stop listening to at the moment. It’s lo-fi distorted (how appropriate) goodness!

Unfortunately, the leak I grabbed was a 128kbps/m4a leak, so I burned it, ripped it (in mp3), and uploaded it here for your listening pleasure. It’ll do until I can get my hands on a better quality version, and ultimately, the LP (it is being released on LP, right? Man, this would sound amazing on vinyl…)

Where was I? Oh yeah, I’m a busy boy today, so just enjoy!

The Magnetic Fields – Three-Way
The Magnetic Fields – California Girls

They ain’t broke so they put on airs
…they breath coke and they have affairs
…I hate California girls

The Magnetic Fields – Old Fools
The Magnetic Fields – Xavier Says

Go show Magnetic Fields some love here, here, and here now!

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