I’m tangled up in you

Photography by Deák Éva

So, I’m about to lose some indie-cred (not that I really had much to begin with, just enough to play some Ms. Pac-man).

A friend sent me this really cool tribute album. I love Danielson, Danielson Famile, etc, but not enough to recognize song titles and sing along, that kinda thing. Looking at the track listing, I see Gordon Gano, of my beloved Violent Femmes is preforming one of the covers. Oh man, how cool is that? So I do a bit a research, and I find that in nary a review of the tribute album do I see a mention of Gano, yeah, they mention Bright Eyes, Death Cab, Tom Waits, M. Ward, etc, but not my dear Gano. Even the ever meticulous and overtly analytical had no mention of it.

How peculiar, I thunk, here was a perfect opportunity to discuss how the guy who has influenced countless number of bands & songwriters, who represents the definition of cult band, and who is an out-and-out christian, is covering a modern day influential cult artist and fellow unabashed christian. All these smart-pants writers and they missed it? So stupid.

But then it finally, slowly, like an old television set, that takes forever to “warm up”, dawned on me. This is a tribute to Daniel Johnston, NOT Danielson. Well, egg on my face (the sad thing is, this happened to me more than once with these two guys). But I keeps it reals, as all pervy-ninjas do, cuz it’s sexxxier… And I lay my folly out to you!

Now that’s love. Tell me who else would do that on this web we live in?

Well, “better late than never”, they say… I’d have to agree, when I got The Late Great Daniel Johnston, a 2004 tribute album to (obviously) Daniel Johnston, at first I thought it was new, it’s got some rather current artists (such as TV On The Radio), but low and behold, it’s three years old! Meh, who knew (besides most everyone who likes Daniel Johnston I s’pose)?

Pretty sweet tunes. But, of course, my heart goes out first to that whine-minstrel Gano and his cover of “Impossible Love”. Like it much better than the original even (blasphemy?). It reminds me of his work for the soundtrack (and ultimately his solo album) Hitting The Ground. Good times…

This loving tribute album soundtracked my day quite nicely, we had our first real snow today, and we just got a kitty, Tsurupussy if you will, so with the combination of the sweet tunes, the weather, and our little Ms. Mushaboom “Mushy” Mew Mew, really, all I want to do is go home and enjoy it all…


Until then, enjoy (lots more after the lyrics)!

Gordon Gano – Impossible Love

You hurt me so bad,
you were the best friend I ever had

Now I’m crawlin’ in my shoes

Tryin’ to get back to you

Impossible Love

I just can’t get to you

Impossible Love

I’m tangled up in you

You left me so long

I can remember the times

How we really cared,
all the dreams that we shared

Impossible Love

I just can’t get to you
Impossible Love

I’m tangled up in you
My life just goes on,
and what have I become

You were the only one,
you were my shining sun

Impossible Love

I just can’t get to you
Impossible Love

I’m tangled up in you
I just can’t believe that it’s all over

I just want a chance to see you again
To see you again

You were my one true love,
with the light from above

And I’m hurting because
I want more of your love

But it’s Impossible Love

I just can’t get to you

Impossible Love
I’m tangled up in you
I have nothing to say,
and my mind’s in decay

And I‘m all alone,
thinking of days gone by

Impossible Love
I just can’t get to you

Impossible Love
I’m tangled up in you

More love for this wonderful tribute…

M. Ward – Story of an Artist
Beck – True Love Will Find You in the End
Clem Snide – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievience
Bright Eyes – Devil Town
Death Cab for Cutie – Dream Scream
Sparklehorse – Go (feat. The Flaming Lips)
Tom Waits – King Kong

Go show Daniel Johnston some love here, here, and here now! And while you are at it go check out some Danielson Famile here… =)

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