Home from the cold you lay me down

Photography by Marie Hochhaus

Damn you Saint Louisites! Or St. Louisians!! Or… whatever the hell you are called. You held out on me, didn’t you? You never told me about a super-awesome little 7-piece band out your way named Gentleman Auction House! A band who apparently had this incredible 6 song EP out in 2006 that, in it’s mere 22+ minutes, is loaded with an amazing range of theatric pop that everytime you think you have them figured out, something different is going on and you just find yourself smiling…

Well, fortunately for you, by fate or design, co-worker, good friend, pervy-ninja, and originally a St. Louisian (I like that, Louisian) Jodi has (and loves) this EP and swore I would too. She was very right, but all you other Missouruh folk, where ya been? From the whispering lead-off track “The Rules Were Handed Down”, whispering over a military-type drum beat that is, to the straight-forward slow-head-bobber of “A Hospital or Heaven”, to the near broadway-indie-pop onslaught of “Blissful Things Go”, man o’ man…

I couldn’t find where this is for sale ANYWHERE (oops, scratch that, I found it! On amazon, and I feel like an idiot that I didn’t see it before… just read the write-up there, very interesting!), nor do I think they are signed, and apparently they’re mixer is having serious health problems or something causing delays on their album (Oof, sorry guys, hope it all improves soon), so fuck it, here’s the whole damn EP, merry santa day & whatnot to you all and to all… Enjoy!

Listening again, trust me on this one, you will enjoy this… Can’t wait to hear the full album!

Gentleman House Auction – The Rules Were Handed Down (EP)

1. The Rules Were Handed Down
2. A Hospital or Heaven
3. Blissful Things Go

I’m coming home
I know how
we are
restless and bold
with raised arm
home from the cold

you lay me down
turn off the phone
lights out…

4. Off Like A Parade Through The Leaves
5. Our Angry Town Runs Them Out
6. Your Days and Our Nights

Go show them lots and lots of love here, here, and here now! Oh, and it looks like they’ll be playing Saturday, December 22 at “A Very Merry Xmas Spectacular” at some place called Off Broadway in St. Louis. Cool, go support ’em…

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