A Stormy Stormy High

Photography by Andrew

Shit this rocks! Black Mountains new one In The Future leaked out, it’s got a kinda psychedelic-metally thing going on with some wonderful indie-prog (NOTE: “indie-prog” is a copyrighted term of tsururadio.com, any unauthorized use will result in an immediate lawsuit ultimately resulting in tsururadio corp. taking all your money and beheading your closest relative) touches! It’s pretty fucking sweet.

Do they wear their influences on their sleeves? Sure, but don’t we all? Some just try to hide it more than others. It’s what you do with those influences at the end of the day, and, my friends, Canada’s Black Mountains made some sweet ass music right here with theirs…

I hope our good friends at Jagjaguwar don’t mind me adding one more song for the sharing, the kickin’ lead-off track “Stormy High” along with the first epic released track “Tyrant” (wait til you hit the 6min mark, Ooo… good times). Between the two, you get a pretty good feel for what this album’s all about…

Enjoy my friends!

Black Mountain – Stormy High
Black Mountain – Tyrant

A stormy stormy high

A stormy stormy high

A stormy stormy high

A stormy stormy high!!!

Go show your love for these Canucks here, here, and here now!

Oh, and how cool is this, Jagjaguwar put up a link to a CBC Radio 3 Black Mountain concert at Le National in Montreal… Give ‘er a listen here… I’m listening now and it sounds incredible!

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