Woop! I’m Back!!!

Photography by Dona Rita

Howdy dear friends! I’m back! What an amazing trip… Italy is beautiful, I think we took about 1,253,912 photos. If you only had 2 days to spend in Italy, by fate or by design, we’d say go to Venice. Unlike anything we’ve ever scene. The trip back is always hell though, a good 13 hours of traveling between the flights, the immigration, the getting your bags, customs, re-checking your bags, the going back through security, and finding your gate.

Oh, and JFK airport? I always forget what a cluster-fuck that place is…

Anyway, lots of music to come, got a bit of catching up to do today though. In the meantime, check out this stream of 3 clips from the anticipated (in nerdy weezer world, at least) Rivers Cuomo solo demo collection album Alone.. It’s got a nice clip of “Superfriend”, one of the most sought after Cuomo songs ever.

*** embedded player removed out of complete annoyance! Go to weezer.com to listen ***

Looking forward to hearing all that’s on this one, wonder if it’s leaked yet, or was it waiting for me…


Talk to you real soon, my dear pervy-ninjas! I’ve missed you so….

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