Go on and tell me everything

Photography by Aaron Dunn (and here)

Sweet and perfect finish for a nutty week, coming out of Stockholm is an insanely catchy & super fun band with a horrible name to google, Lacrosse, and their new album This New Year Will Be For You And Me… seriously, give it a shot. But anyway, the music, you got your boy/girl dual vocals (yay!), quick-footed pacing (is that even a phrase? why can’t I just write “uptempo” or something pitchfork-like?), jangly guitars, the occasional horn (woop!), throw in a couple Woo Ooo’s & La La’s and yeah, I’m hooked too!

Good times…. Enjoy!

Oh and keep an eye out, hope to get you another very special vinyl rip up this weekend (if the good lord’s willin’ and the creeks don’t rise (and no, that’s not a hint!), last one before we take off to Italy…

Lacrosse – No More Lovesongs
Lacrosse – You Can’t Say No Forever
Lacrosse – So Sad
Lacrosse – Go Ego Go
Lacrosse – New York Or Alingsas

No one listens to you
but you keep talking cuz that’s what you do
You need a new dictionary,
the only words, me, me, me!
If you got something to say
if you got something tell me,
You have my attention,
go ahead, go ahead
I’m listening, go on and tell me everything…
go ahead go ahead
I’m listening, c’mon spit it all out

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