A demon in my bed

Photograpy by Amanda

Oh, Laura’s A Song In My Head, A Demon In My Bed, with it’s simple Swedish country-tinged pop is perfect for a chilly over-casted Monday like today. Oh, and her voice, who does it remind me of? Just on the tip of my tongue….. Damn. Oh well. No matter, nevermind, it’s beautiful so just enjoy…

Oh, Laura – A Call To Arms
Oh, Laura – It Aint’ Enough
Oh, Laura – Release Me
Oh, Laura – Black & Blue
Oh, Laura – Fine Line

I got a song inside in my head
I got a demon in my bed
they are both keeping me awake
I’m going to sing so you can hear
going to sing away your fear
going to rock you to sleep…

Go show your love for Frida and the boys here, here, and here now! I think I want some hot cocoa now….

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