Something, something, something… beautiful!

Photography by Lara Jade

Thanks to Billy, a good friend of this humble, pervy-ninja’s website, I’ve been brought to near tears a few times in the past 2 days. Seriously, is there some magical note progression you can play on a violin that effects tear ducts? Well, whatever it is, Sigur Ros is playing it on “Von”. Reminds me of that South Park episode where Cartman was on the quest to find that note you can play that makes everyone spontaneously shit. Ah, what was the name of that note? The “brown note”… (just looked it up).

Well, not a pretty thought, I know, I hope I didn’t spoil the mood of today’s obsession….

Oddly, I’ve never followed Sigur Ros, and to be honest, I don’t know why. I’ve known of them for, seemingly, ages. Only recently a friend of mine at work recommended them, and I tried them out and liked what I heard, but still, I never actually got around to grabbing an album. Well, now their new compilation Hvarf/Heim leaked out, apparently a collection of different takes and acoustic versions of some their previous work, and I’m finally, officially, smitten.

Yeah, that’s right, smitten…

Sigur Ros – Von
Sigur Ros – Hafssól
Sigur Ros – Heysátan

Lyrics? Yeah, right… They could be singing about dead puppies and white-power for all I know, and here I am saying to myself, “oh man, this is so beautiful”…

Go show Iceland’s Sigur Ros some long overdue love here, here, and here now! Hey, someone guide me… where should I go next in the Sigur Ros discography? Maybe something in a vinyl?


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