So if you see me, so if you see me

Photography by THEEOS300400D

Ah man, this is some sexy-chill from Montreal (yay Canada!). Full of bass, slow, sexy, with the addition of Elsieanne Caplette’s amazing & haunting vocals, load this one up and it’s “business time”. It’s a mix of elements of jazz, electronica, & atmosphere, enveloping the listener in some ethereal moment.

Alright, I couldn’t make out much of the lyrics this time, so just dim down the lights, put on your sexy stuff, load ’em up and enjoy!


Elsiane – Vaporous

So if you see me
So if you see me

More love for Elsiane…

Elsiane – Mend (To Fix, To Repair)
Elsiane – Across The Stream
Elsiane – Morphing

Ah, here’s the video for Vaporous, very nice…

Go show your love for this sexy, quirky sultress (is that even a word?) here, here, and here now!

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