Shh, no words…

Photography by Gabriele C.

Howdy folks… sorry for the lack of posts, my family was in town and well, they take precedence.

So much music to post, so little time, but let us start somewhere, eh? How about some instrumental music, I know, I know, I’m not normally into instrumental music either, but there was something about the Octopus Project’s Hello Avalanche, especially last week, when work was all over my ass…

Fun, quirky, and not annoying instrumental that tries to overcompensate for lack of vocals. Sounds good to me…


The Octopus Project – Snow Tip Cap Mountain
(removed by request)

The Octopus Project – Truck
The Octopus Project – Bees Bein’ Strugglin’
The Octopus Project – An Evening With Rthrtha

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