Presents… The Sky’s Gone Out on Vinyl!!!

Photograph by Lotte

Out of her mouth it came as no surprise
lipstick stained and whipcream lies
I feel that if I had been uglier
it would have been easier…

Oh man, oh man, have I got a doozy & a half for you today. Today’s vinyl rip comes via friend and fellow pervy-ninja Carie, and it couldn’t be more timely. As I stated earlier in the week when this album was sitting at my doorstep, I saw Bauhaus in concert the night before my first date with Tsurubride. It was a fluke, really. A friend of mine a few weeks before hand asked if I wanted to go, game for anything, I said “sure, I’ll go”. I never really got into Bauhaus before, the songs I did hear seemed hollow and dated, but, to be fair, I never gave them a real chance and I’m up for most anything twice.

Well, I proceeded to immediately & completely forget about my “sure, I’ll go” response, as, over the next couple weeks, I was very busy flirting with this adorable cutie. I finally asked her out, or should I say, asked her in for a first date, a detox-sunday-at-home-movie date. Turns out, we set it up for noon-ish on the day after the Bauhaus concert, which was 2+ hours north in Cleveland.


Not wanting to post-pone, and not wanting to be a shitty friend and bail on the concert, I was determined to do both. I drove up to Cleveland to meet my friends (who were already there, and in goth-uniform, I don’t own any Hot Topic clothes (well until last week when I was “emo-Jesus” for a Halloween party) so I was just in a green hoodie and jeans) in my shitty little $500 Toyota (NOTE: I don’t like car payments, rather have a little piece-of-shit car that runs well, my car is not an extension of my penis or my status) and man, the show was amazing!!!

How’s that for a run-on-super-ADD-sentence?

The depth of sound, the controlled noise, Peter Murphy’s vocals, the whole thing was just plain incredible. Completely blew away my low expectations… Anyway, after the show, we went out, and I got a little toasty (the drinks at this goth Cleveland bar were really strong, holy shit), and later we all crashed back at the hotel.

Needless to say, come morning, I was hurting… bad. But, I was NOT about to cancel my date. Uh-uh, no way, no how. So, I got my scraggly ass out of bed, got dressed, waved good-bye to my sleeping friends, and headed south. Now, remember, my car was just a little piece-of-shit, right? Well, given that I had never taken this car on that long a drive, I became nervous about pulling over for coffee or Coke or something. For some reason, I became paranoid that my car wouldn’t re-start and I’d have to cancel my date. So, head pounding, mouth dry and tasting like an ashtray, I just drove.

Suddenly, I remembered… I’ve got some aspirin in my backpack! I grabbed a few, chewed them up (a bit tangy & got my mouth watery, I’ll take it). Got back to Columbus, got cleaned up, and then went on a search for a bottle of wine. Not only was it Sunday, but the county I was renting a room out of was a dry-county! Sweet fuck, painful morning, to say the least…

Well, to make a long story short (too late!), I found some wine, got my ass back, got the place & myself ready (clean, but casual, don’t want to look too anxious, lol) and then she showed up with some yummy goat cheese & How To Steal A Million. That was nearly two years ago, and now, in 3 weeks, we are getting married.

Nuts, eh?

So you can see… today’s vinyl rip is kinda special to me, so thanks Carie for requesting it. Ah, and guess what, the LP was released with a bonus LP of Bauhaus live in England, which I have ripped for you as well. Thanks for letting me reminisce again, my friends! It’s time for you to enjoy as…

TSURURADIO Proudly Presents… The Sky’s Gone Out (+ a bonus live LP) on Vinyl!!!
(full huge zip (both LPs!))

The Sky’s Gone Out
Side A

1. Third Uncle
2. Silent Hedges
3. In The Night
4. Swing The Heartache
5. Spirit

Side B

1. The Three Shadows – Part I
2. The Three Shadows – Part II
3. The Three Shadows – Part III
4. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
5. Exquisite Corpse

Live in England
Side A

1. In The Flatfield
2. Rose Garden Funeral Of Sores
3. Dancing
4. The Man With X-Ray Eyes

5. Bela Lugosi Is Dead

Side B

1. The Spy In The Cab
2. Kick In The Eye
3. In Fear Of Fear
4. Hollow Hills
5. Stigmata Martyr
6. Dark Entries

Go show Bauhaus all your gothy-lovins here, here, and here now!

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