Presents… Green on Vinyl!!!

Photography “Early Riser” by Lacertilienne

But I’m in this kitchen
Everything is beautiful

And she is so beautiful

She is so young and old

I look at her and I see the beauty

Of the light of music…

Planted firmly in between the much beloved “IRS Years” and the now classics Automatic For The People and New Adventures In Hi-Fi, R.E.M.’s Green, their first on Warner Bros, their first after being called a bunch of sell-outs for signing with the big boys, will always remain of my favorite albums of all time.

Green was my first R.E.M. record. I was elbow-deep in prog when I caught wind this band even existed (oy, maybe I was head-deep in prog!). I can’t remember what caught my attention first… The infectious “Stand”? It was so fun to sing and dance around to (oh man, that only inflamed the “sell-out” accusers, which only made me want it more!). The video for “Pop Song ’89”? Yay! BOOBIES! Or the hard-hitting “Orange Crush”? Making me feel like such an anti-military rebel, lol.

Well whatever it was, years later (fuck, we are hitting 20 years next year! Dear god I’m getting old), I play Green and every single song is like an old friend. I still get those mushy romantic feelings when I hear “You Are The Everything”, I still rock-out like a high schooler when I hear “Turn You Inside-Out”, and I still strain my last vocal chord trying to sing “The Wrong Child”.

Like your forgotten middle-child, it’s time to show him that you really do love him as much as you love his older & younger siblings. It’s time to enjoy the beauty of this often forgotten gem from the boys from Athens, Georgia, from one of the Greatest American Bands of All Time (yeah, that’s right, I said it, I went there!) as…

TSURURADIO Presents… Green on Vinyl!!!
(Full Zip)

Side Air

1. Pop Song ’89
2. Get Up
3. You Are The Everything
R. Stand
5. World Leader Pretend
6. The Wrong Child

Side Metal

7. Orange Crush
8. Turn You Inside-Out
9. Hairshirt
10. I Remember California
11. Untitled

Ah, how timely… Looks like R.E.M.’s first official live release, appropriately titled R.E.M. Live, just leaked. For a different sort of experience of this release, go check out our R.E.M. Live Not Live mixtape… Good times!

Go show R.E.M. all the love you can here, here, and here now!

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