Oh this world was made for ending

Photography by Ephelides Melanophore

Howdy my friends, back home, back at work, back doin’ my thing… getting ready to go to our first Halloween party this year. I’ve got my costume all ready, I’m going as Emo-Jesus. Yep, went shopping at Hot Topic, got some uber-cool low-rise stretch jeans, a brooding hoodie, a chain for my wallet, a spike belt, and my Jesus wig & beard… the final touch? My bloody crown thorns!


Good times…

Completely unrelated is a really cool band that accompanied me (along with R.E.M., of course) during my brief stay in Raleigh, Le Loup, out of Warshingtun DC, and their new album The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations’ Millennium Assembly (now that’s a mouthful, eh? apparently it’s named after some art piece about a throne for Jesus himself, though, sadly, not Emo-Jesus). Experimental layers of sounds, odd lyrics, & pop melodies makes this album easily today’s obsession!

What’s it got to do with Halloween? Absolutely nothing, just enjoy!

Oh this world was made for ending
Oh this world was made for ending
Oh this world was made for ending
Oh this world was made for ending….

Le Loup – Canto I
Le Loup – Planes Like Vultures.
Le Loup – Outside Of This Car, The End Of The World
Le Loup – To The Stars! To The Night!

Go show your love to this Le Loup here, here, and here now!

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