Now that I’m facing the tides

Photography by Dona Rita

Next up may actually be an exclusive or first or something….. friend & fellow pervy-ninja Rafael from beautiful Brazil (man, it’s been over two years since I was down there) just completed his debut album Nara Dreamland under the name Mini People In Coney Island and oh man is it brilliant! He was kind enough to share it’s progress with me and now that it’s complete, I couldn’t wait to hear (and share) the end product.

Nara Dreamland is a lo-fi experimental dreamy affair that conjures up images of it’s band’s namesake. I can almost feel myself high up the ferris wheel on a cool autumn dusk, looking down on the little people wandering around the boardwalk with their sticky cotton candy fingers playing the midway, and waiting in line to ride the Tunnel Of Love or see the Bearded Lady… Simple beats, an enticing vocal effect, and what’s got to be some kind of simple Casio keyboard & a set of Radio-Shak microphones or something used in ways I could only dream of…

Don’t take my word for it, he’s made the whole thing available to download, FREE here! Can’t beat that… But if that’s too much of a commitment for you, here’s some tracks for you to enjoy!

Thanks again Rafael…

Mini People In Coney Island – Traditionalist

Over the fences
we fell asleep
since we’re nowhere
now that I’m facing
the tides
I’ll keep prancing over…

Mini People In Coney Island – I Married Zurich
Mini People In Coney Island – Church Street Station
Mini People In Coney Island – Brooklyn

Go show Rafael some love here and here now!

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