Nineteen Forty Three

Photography by Whitman O’Rourke

Man o’ man, busy week keeps knockin’ me on my ass! All good, all good. Been listening to a bunch of goodness this week, I’ll try to get more up later, but for now, we got The Gunshy, with his scratchy-ass-tom-waits-esque voice and timeless album No Love In This War. Absolutely beautiful… It’s kind of a concept album, where apparently, each of the songs are taken chronologically from the 17 letters Arbogast’s grandfather Paul wrote his fiancĂ©e Julia from the European front during WWII.

Not much more to say, except enjoy!

The Gunshy – May 14, 1943, The Khaki-Whacky Girls
The Gunshy – August 13, 1943, Eddie Was a Good Friend of Mine
The Gunshy – August 27, 1943, A Fortunate Man
The Gunshy – October 28, 1943, Jule, I’m Not Ready To Die
The Gunshy – December 18, 1943
The Gunshy – December 26, 1943, Humphrey Bogart & His Lady

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