I can find diamonds on a Saturday

Photography by Dona Rita

You know… the day started off so nice, drove in, blaring R.E.M. Live (again, I know, I’m sorry, I didn’t even realize it until I’m halfway through singing along to “Leaving New York”, when I’m like, “hold the phone, I’m playing R.E.M. again?”). So I get in, and immediately switch out to the leak by Sigur Ros, right? It’s really good! “Vox” or “Von” (can’t recall at the moment, to be explained in a sec) nearly brought me to tears, it was so beautiful!

But, as I was preparing for my big meetings, getting shit together, I thunk to myself, I says, “Self, let’s get something with some vocals that I can understand, eh?” (my inner-self has converted to Canadian already) and I remembered that I loaded up this album that leaked by some Californians I never heard of called Biirdie (3 i’s, not a typo) and their release, Catherine Avenue.

Sweet jesus, what the hell? First, you got male/female vocals (as you know, I’m a complete sucker for), then you add in a sound that can only be described as a nostalgic Americana meets the fun-side of the Beatles mixed with that whole Fleetwood Mac thing that’s out there, and, well, I’m hooked! Oh, and there is even this Rentals-type thing going on in “Him”. Yeah, I know….

It’s been on disgusting repeat since… So much so, that instead of waiting til tomorrow to post on something, I really want to get this up now! Eventhough I know Sigur Ros will get me more hits (and it is very beautiful, and quite post-worthy), I gotta go with my heart, man. I’ll get that Sigur Ros up tomorrow!


Alright, enjoy (in order)!

Biirdie – Catherine Avenue
Biirdie – LA is Mars
Biirdie – Who Were You Thinkin’ Of
Biirdie – Him
Biirdie – Life In A Box

I won’t wish for kids
’cause I will break like glass
I will shatter into
6,099 shards
but I can find diamonds
on a Saturday
in a pothole or down the back streets
of Los Angeles…

…I am into him

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