I… been waiting all my life

Photography by FiLH

Why isn’t this song all over the radio? It’s lovely, tender, sweet, and catchy as all fuck. In fact, this album has been a perfect Sunday soundtrack for me and my baby. Quirky & soulful, the album sways back-n-forth, while she deftly manages the piano, her sultry voice wrapping all over you, without ever drifting too far into wtf-land or uber-cheesy… It carries that perfect balance. Ah, and did I mention her sultry voice? Just so sexy… For fans of Fionna Apple to Corinne Bailey Rae, yeah, seriously.

Okay, let’s start this week off right shall we? So, enjoy!

Sia – Day Too Soon

Baby when I’m in your arms
carry me away from harm
you never gonna put me down

I know your just one good man
You tire before we see land
never gonna put me down

yeah, I..
been runnin’ all my life
I ran away
I ran away
from good.

yea, I…
been waiting all my life
you’re not a day
you’re not a day
too soon.

honey I will stitch
darling I will feel you in
my heart

darling I will need you
darling I will keep you in
my heart!

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