When you die you’ll have to leave them all behind

Photography “Going Up” by Scott James Prebble

Flew back in today, realized I never posted on Do Make Say Think’s amazing album You, You’re A History In Rust when I was scrolling through the player on the plane. It’s a shame, they deserve some serious sweet ass lovins for their post-rock, instrumental, jazz, experimental, etc, etc, multi-genre-tag style music they’ve got going on up there in beautiful Toronto.

Went to their site and saw this quote… seemed rather appropriate, don’t you think?

When you die,
you’ll have to leave them behind.
You should keep that in mind.
When you keep that in mind,
you’ll find a love as big as the sky.

Alright, more soon, but for now, just enjoy…

Do Make Say Think – A With Living
Do Make Say Think – The Universe!
Do Make Say Think – A Tender History In Rust
Do Make Say Think – Herstory Of Glory

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