Took the water from the toilet

Photography by Ephelides Melanophore

Good Monday, my friends… I feel like stepping back a few years or so into a very cool album that I adored (and apparently, still do), Live’s Secret Samadhi. Man, this album owned my ass for a most of 97 and 98… A fucking decade ago. Man, I feel old suddenly.

Yes, Live, riding high on the insane success of Throwing Copper (sing it with me now, “Oh now I feeeeel it, comin’ back again, like a roooolling, thunder chasin’ the wind” =), put together this amazing, under-appreciated, and sonically jarring album. I remember putting the fresh CD in my CD Walkman that had the cassette hook up to my car stereo in my old Honda Civic. Those first 10 seconds are so quiet, a mumbling noise, so I turned up the stereo real loud to hear the, what I thought, was a fade in. Then, WHAM! that massive chord nearly destroyed my speakers!!! Good times.. good times, indeed.

Man, Ed Kowalczyk was preachin’ the good word, wasn’t he? Cryptic lyrics and an appreciation of freaks, non-organized spirituality, and an honest disdain for a humanity that, like cows, sit in a pasture their whole lives until they are slowly guided toward the slaughter… this was right up my alley. It was a nice contrast to my saccharine sweet Weezer addiction of the couple years before and a wonderful way to vent some of the stress of my life which consisted of not-quite-full-time college, full-time career, and super-full-time parenthood.

Unfortunately, this album, for the adoring public, was greeted with a resounding cross-eyed, head-tilted, “Huh?”. Leading the band to drop into a strange obscurity. The kind where most anyone you ask can’t name a single album after Throwing Copper, but they keep releasing solid album after album, and kept an loyal adoring, yet relatively small, group of “Friends of Live” that absolutely LOVE them.

Those who have forgetten Live, it’s time to get reaquainted to an album & a band that deserves your love and affection. Then, when you are done, go show your love for this band in all the right places linked at the bottom of this post. Oh, and if you like Secret Samadhi, may I recommend their album V, another sonically eclectic and sorely underappreciated gem.

Tough to pick out a song to highlight, but I’ll go with “Lakini’s Juice”. Man, how many mornings did I leave for work about 5 minutes earlier than I had to, sitting in the empty and still dark parking lot in front of work at around 6:45 in the morning, just to listen to this song, as loud as me and my speakers could handle it??? Yeah…


Live – Lakini’s Juice

it was an evening i shared with the sun
to find out where we belong

from the earliest days

we were dancing in the shadows

more wine
cuz i got to have it

more skin

cuz i got to eat it

inside the outside, by the river, used to be so calm
used to be so sane
I rushed the lady’s room
took the water from the toilet

washed her feet and blessed her name

more peace
is such a dirty habit

slow down,
we’re too afraid

let me ride
let me ride
burn my eyes

let me ride

More love for Secret Samadhi…

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Go show you love for Live here, here, and here now!

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