Presents…. Et Al, a Decemberists mixtape

Photography by Eva

My mixtape posting finger has been itching since I’ve been working so much on the wedding mixtape. Sorry though, that mixtape won’t be up until November on my last post before we go get married and head out to Italy.

BUT! FEAR NOT!!! I’ve got a special treat for you instead, something to hold you over, a little mixtape I concocted, that I like to call The Decemberists …Et Al. I like the literary term, seems… appropriate, eh?

Posting a Decemberist mixtape isn’t completely random… The Decemberists have actually played a critical part in my relationship with the incomparable & incomprehensively beautiful TsuruBride, we got engaged the night of the last time Decemberists played here (we got commemorative t-shirts! lol…), and we are seeing them the Thursday night before the wedding for the Long Of It portion of their tour. The crane and it’s meaning in Japan has been a central theme to many components of our life, including the name of this site (Tsuru is Japanese for Crane).

So… I’ve got a mixtape itch? I means ta scratch it! Now, again, this ain’t no “best of” or “greatest hits”, this is simply a fun sampling of songs I love my Decemberists but assembled in an order to I believe makes for a fun listening experience. Let’s get to it, shall we. I hope you enjoy as…

TSURURADIO Presents… The Decemberists “Et Al”
(Full Zip)

01 – The Island (Parts I-III)
02 – Legionaire’s Lament
03 – 16 Military Wives
04 – Los Angeles, I’m Yours
05 – We Both Go Down Together
06 – July! July!
07 – Summersong
08 – Eli, The Barrow Boy
09 – Red Right Ankle
10 – Leslie Anne Levine
11 – Culling Of The Fold
12 – The Tain (Part I-V)
13 – Sons And Daughters
14 – After The Bombs

Go show the Decemberists some love (especially for thier upcoming Long & Short Of It Tour) here, here, and here now!

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