Presents… Close To The Edge on Vinyl!!!

Photography by mr. oliver james squibb

Last time in our favorite series of TSURURADIO Presents vinyl rip I recorded and posted a pivotal album in my musical growth, the awesomely deliscious Violent Femmes self-titled masterpiece. Well today, after a bit of wrangling through my collection, I’ve decided to continue this idea by presenting yet another key turning-point album for your humble host… that’s right baby, we are stepping back even further to explore the mind-blowing Close To The Edge by Yes.

Lordy, how sad, I just got goosebumps when I typed the title… Man, my geekiness knows no bounds, does it? Just you wait to he how deep it goes. Back in middle school, in the mid eighties (yeah, I’m a 34 year old pervy-ninja), I was your typical oddball weirdo (in fact, since elementary school, I had been titled by a significant number of people as “Aaron The Weird”). Unfortunately, I didn’t have much of a musical identity yet. My mother raised me on soul, R&B, and black gospel, my father was all about Neil Diamond and other assorted pop. So, until Yes came along, I had been wandering the between R&B (WTMP AM in Tampa) & Top 40 (Q105 was THE top 40 station then).

Then in middle school, I had acquired a new friend, Doug (actual name Bill, but I preferred to call him Doug and it stuck, by high school, that’s all anyone knew him by), and he —

— hold on, side one is almost done, need to flip the record… Okay, “And You And I” is starting up, beautiful. Where was I? Oh yeah, Doug. Middle School.

So, we become friends through class. One day he asked me what I listened to, I told him. He asked why? I didn’t really know. He then pushed, “what do you like about the songs you like?” Well, I love a strong dominant bass (first thing that came into my mind). He lit up, eyebrows raised about an inch. “Oh man, have you listened to Yes?” “Yes? No. Ha ha…” (the beginning of many many many, too many, bad Yes jokes between us for the years to come). So he lends me 90125. I really like it, of course “City Of Love” blew my ass out the water. Fucking Chris Squire owned that song. So, the seed was planted and I started diving deeper into their massive catalog.

Well, to make a long story short (TOO LATE!) I landed here, their masterpiece, a step above and beyond Fragile, before the excesses of Tales From Topographic Ocean, where they got it just right. It’s the perfect amount of classical, jazz, rock, without taking Jon Anderson’s rainbows & unicorn mysticism over the edge, if you will (ha & ha). Oh man, that bass… that glorious bass… every song, every part to every song, even in “Siberian Khatru” where it’s the whacky guitar riff that at first listen seems to want to run the show, but no, it’s all Squire..

My original record is long gone, it was about a month ago at a used book store, that has a small used record selection, that I found this, again, and much to my pleasure! 3 songs, 2 sides, and a whole bunch of spine-tingling snap, crackles, and pops later, with great love I give you (well, that is, after I cut up the recording, label it, export it, pack it, and upload it)…

TSURURADIO Presents… Close To The Edge on Vinyl!!!
(Full Zip)

Side One
01 Close To The Edge

Side Two
02 And You And I
03 Siberian Khatru

I hope you enjoy. Go give these prog-warriors your love here, here, and here, now!

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