No desires do I hide

Photography by Alessandro Ansuini

When I heard the first verse of “You Love Me”, I knew I would like Devendra Banhart. It’s quasi-Roy Orbinson sound and simple, yet touching melody and lyrics. I figured as I was on to something special and found myself wondering (again) how the hell I missed this guy’s work before that moment…

Well, no longer! At first sniff of the leak of his latest release, Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon, I hopped all over it like a, well, like a stripper on a $100 dollar bill. Unfortunately, I forgot to load it up on le pod de i before our little trip. So, it wasn’t until today I got to enjoy it. Not easy, considering the Band Of Horses new one Cease To Begin leaked yesterday and I’m pretty stoked (yeah, I said “stoked”, lol, and on a quick listen, it’s really good!) about it. Well, that one’s on SubPop and I’ve pissed them off enough already, so I’ll just stick to Mr. Banhart for now, thank you very much…

And it’s quite nice… lots of Spanish influence, kinda makes me nostalgic for Jonathan Richman, oddly enough. Oh, but then “Seahorse” comes on, like some country-tinged Leonard Cohen before floating off on some jazz & classic rock side trip. Clocking in at 8 minutes, I felt like I crossed about three or four eras of music! By the time it finished up, I sat, exhausted and enthralled… Sweet jesus, what the fuck was that?

Can I go again, mommy?

Devendra Banhart – Seahorse

I’m high

and I’m happy

and I’m free
I got my whole heart
laid right in front of me
and I finally can see

where it’s always been
but me for peace

starts from within

so I laid my positions
to the wind

and I’m done with
ever wanting anything

but I can die satisfied
no desires do I hide
not today

not today
nor for the next one thousand lives…

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