Looks like a perfect day

Photography by Whitney Peck

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Spent it burning about 30 CDs for our wedding mixtape that we are giving out as the party favor for our little shing-ding in November. Next up is the artwork and printing. We are just a little mixtape factory, aren’t we??

Well, this is pretty cool… Grabbed this one on a whim after reading male & female sharing vocals (and you know I’m quite the sucker for that), it’s Georgie James new one Places from Saddle Creek. Musically, just straight up lovely pop, with one ear arched slightly toward the 60’s. All & all, a lovely soundtrack for a Monday morning after a relaxing weekend.

Wish we had just one more day, just one itty-bitty day extra this weekend… Sigh.

Anyway, enjoy!

Georgie James – Cake Parade

A sun is up
looks like a perfect day
to put our soldiers on
a cake parade

More love for Laura & John…

Georgie James – More Lights
Georgie James – Long Week
Georgie James – Need Your Needs

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