Little boxes on the hillside

Photography by Tsuru


This is pretty cool… For the program Weeds on Showtime, The Decemberists recorded the quirky little tune “Little Boxes”, it’s available to stream here, but I went ahead and recorded it for you. I don’t have any special channels with cable, like Showtime or HBO (all I need is my stories, i.e. Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, Daily Show, and Colbert Report and I’m a happy man) so I don’t really know how the song is related to the show.

But regardless… Enjoy!

The Decemberists – Little Boxes

Here’s what the Mr. Funk had to say about it..

“Just watching this show makes me nervous. Whenever I smoke the stuff I end up being that guy at the party that should have really just left the scene. You know; the fool so stoned that [he] becomes cemented to the cat pee smelling cracked pleather chair in the corner who’s creeping everyone out because he won’t talk to anyone and he won’t move for nothing.

So in doing this song, we thought it would be appropriate to have the chord progression shift to a minor key, suggesting a bit of tension and more directly, a darker tone. The song really isn’t that cheery when you dig a little deeper and get past that sweet voice and melody, in reality quite depressing…ah life.” – Chris Funk

Go show the Decemberists some love (especially for thier upcoming Long & Short Of It Tour) here, here, and here now!

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