I’ll be your numerologist

Photography by ephelides melanophore

I miss Clem Snide. Fortunately, we still got Eef Barzelay, eh? Though I’m not sure how to pronounce “Eef”, now “Clem Snide”? No problem… In face, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyway say “Eef” outloud. Is it long-e or is it more long-i? Well, regardless, his second solo release, self-titled (well, that will get people to have to figure out his name) quietly leaked (at least, I think it’s a leak, though I can’t find a release date to save my life), and is currently filling my ears…

Always a quirky individual, near and dear to my heart, Eef hasn’t strayed too far from his indie-pop/alt-country-ish, genre-hopping stylings of his Snide days. There are no moments in the sun, if you will, on this album, but you will find a maturing Eef simply doing his thing. With or without the rest of Clem Snide, that’s still a good thing.


Eef Barzelay – Numerology

One plus one is three
I’m telling you
I know about these things
I have a present for you
to wear upon your wrist
a bright red string
I’ll be your numerologist
your spirt god
we could have known each other
in another life..

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