I love you just a little bit more

Photography by ephelides melanophore

Ah, The Good Life, finally got around to Help Wanted Nights! God, what took me so long…? Such a lovely album, coming off as the album Wilco should’ve made but didn’t quite reach this (and I liked the new Wilco). Just simple country-tinged classic pop/rock about love and all it’s fuckedupness. Hmm…. since I’m in the habit recently of making up new genre titles, let’s call it Nebraska-indie-pop. Yeah, that works… The good life and good times.


The Good Life – A Little Bit More

You flipped the sign in the window
but baby are you
really closed?
I got no where else to run to

I sure as hell ain’t running
we could crash back your apartment

I could sleep on the floor

gimme just a little bit more
can’t you give me just little bit more?

…I love you just a little bit more

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