I hear your voice

Hello Booty photography by the folks at Met-Art

Good morning, good Friday. Time to wake up and get today done! We got a short one today, my friends… busy, busy before the weekend kicks in (can’t fucking wait). Currently enjoying the hell of the new Rogue Wave. Good morning, good friday, good times indeed… and the lead-off track, “Harmonium”? A sweet, epic (though I reeeeally hate that word) track that must’ve been built for an arena! It just keep gaining more and more momentum until it crashes down six & a half minutes later… Also, a little love for “Lake Michigan”, if I may, because I love me some handclaps!

Alright, gotta run, hope to get a little vinyl up for you this weekend (if the good lord’s willin’ and the creeks don’t rise) until then…


Rogue Wave – Harmonium
Rogue Wave – Lake Michigan

Go show your sweet love to these guys here, here, and here, now!

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