Feminist don’t have a sense of humor

Photography by Cellina Von Mannstein via our good friends at CU-CU!

Ha ha!!! This is great. A song about feminist, gun control, and abortion was never so cute and fun! Tongue planted firmly in her cheek, dear Nellie McKay (not to be confused with sexy soul sister Stephanie McKay) wanders from jazzy to broadway-esque and back to coffee-house jazz in this short & sweet (but very short, 31.5 minutes? really??) gem of an album!

God, I’m sucker for a indie-babe… =)


Nellie McKay – Mother Of Pearl

Feminist don’t have a sense of humor
feminist just want to be alone
feminist spread vicious lies and rumors
they have a tumor on their funny bone…

More sweet love for this cutie..

Nellie McKay – Gin Rummy
Nellie McKay – Identity Theft
Nellie McKay – Zombie

Go show your love for this beauty here, here, and here, now!!! Just look at her! How could you not show her some love??

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