Sunday Morning Music Videos…

Woke up way too early for a sunday… Sigh. How would you feel about the next vinyl rip being the legendary debut by Violent Femmes? Maybe I should turn on the comments so you can give your 2 cents on the next vinyl rip….


Time for some visual love from the latter component of the Audio/Visual Club, enjoy!

The Shins – Pink Bullets

Violent Femmes – American Music

Arcade Fire – My Body Is Cage (Unofficial)

Okkervil River – For Real

Sunset Rubdown – Us Ones In Between (Live in Chicago)

Stars – Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

Broken Social Scene – Cause = Time

Handsome Furs – Heaven (Tom Petty Cover)
via Trendwhore

Have a wonderful sunday, my friends! I need some more coffee….

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