Sherry and her butterfly net

Photography by Andrey Dubinin

Well, normally don’t do a post so quickly, but I was just blown away by this release. The Most Serene Republic’s new album Population quietly leaked out on last Friday on Arts & Crafts. After listening and posting Beirut, I wanted to mix it up a bit and thought I’d give this a little go. Well, that and I was so tired from the lack of sleep (not that I got much last night either), I was looking for something to give me my first wind.

I gotta tell ya friends, this is so good…. Somewhere around halfway through the album, Beirut became an afterthought! The best way I can describe this is, it kinda like Broken Social Scene with a bunch of Jazz & Prog thrown in and, well, you know how I feel about prog.

But, let’s give Most Serene Republic their full due. Apparently inspired by suburban sprawl up in Milton, Ontario (I was just west of there once in Cambridge & Brantford (more Tim Horton’s per capita than any other city, nary a Starbucks in sight! oy)), Population is grandiose, full of time changes, jazz percussion & beats, and harmonies that make me think of old Yes. There’s a lot going on and deserves repeated listens, but it’s well worth the time!

So here you go… Enjoy!

The Most Serene Republic – Sherry And Her Butterfly Net
The Most Serene Republic – Compliance
The Most Serene Republic – Present Of Future End
The Most Serene Republic – Why So Looking Back

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