Plenty of girls and boys in love

Photography by Sarah Grafia

The Rumble Strips suck. Don’t believe me? It’s right in their myspace address (, oh wait, that’s “Rumble Strips UK”…. Ooooh. That makes more sense, now doesn’t it. Lordy, I’m going get an email on that one.

We’z gonna have some fun today, my friends, cuz that’s what the Rumble Strips are, well that and apparently it’s also those little bumpity-bumps in the emergency lane and on the exits on some of the interstates (who knew?). The Rumble Stips are a post-ska band (you like that? I just made it up) that, for some reason while listening to the album, I just get the feeling their live show would just be amazing. Basically, this is UK white soul/pop with a bit of ska horns throughout but without all the ska/reggae whatnot (you see? post-ska… copyright, tsuruadio 2007!), i.e, ergo, these songs are fun, this band is fun, and I’m having fun dancing around the office to them (apologies to my fellow associates).

Alright, busy day, gotta run, but had to get this one out to you.


The Rumble Strips – Girls And Boys In Love

Plenty of girls and boys in love
plenty of girls and boys in love

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The Rumble Strips – No Soul
The Rumble Strips – Oh Creole
The Rumble Strips – Building A Boat
The Rumble Strips – Motorcycle

Go show these boys some love here, here, and here now!

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