Oh and don’t ask me don’t ask me

Photography by Renee King

Hey all, busy busy day, so much going on, so many projects! Woof. But, it’s almost a memory as this weekend, TsuruBride and I are heading down to New Orleans for a romantic weekend getaway. Sweet. Well, turns out that it’s also the weekend of Southern Decadence, basically, the Gay Mardi Gras, how hilariously awesome is that? Cajun food, the French Quarter, the beautiful Cathedral, the amazing Jazz, and a shit load of drag queens. Man oh man, my new camera is gong to really get broken-in properly this weekend!

Expect a full report at some point next week. When? Well, that depends on whether or not I’m in China for work next week. So crazy lately…. All good though, what I’m working is pretty fucking sweet! Helping me along this week was, not only the new Most Serene Republic album, but also this quietly slipped out little gem by Wolf Parade guitarist Dante DeCaro’s own band Johnny and the Moon. Hopefully, it won’t just be Wolf Parade completist picking this up, because if so, a whole hell of a lot of you will be missing out on some beautifully surreal folk-pop.

My favorite track is easily “The Ballad Of Scarlet Town”, with it’s quickly strumming mandolin or banjo (not too sure), it’s building and building, climaxing to a amazing sing-along African-style chant!!! Oh man…. goosebump city.

Okay, okay, need to get back to work…. Enjoy!

Johnny And The Moon – The Ballad Of Scarlet Town.mp3

Well I am a lonesome girl
from the hearth that you found

oh and don’t ask me don’t ask me
how I know

Oooo-ooo-ooo Whoa-ooo-ooo!

More love for Johnny and that amazing Moon…

Johnny And The Moon – Scarlet Town Pt. II
Johnny And The Moon – Green Rocky Road
Johnny And The Moon – Kid Heaven

Go show your sweet love here, here, and here now!!!

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