It’s been long time since I’ve seen you smile

Photography by Andrey Dubinin

Well, good morning and good Monday, last night, after another lovely & real fun weekend (and while I struggled to sleep), the new Beirut album leaked out on the internets. What a sweet way to start the week, eh? Burned it and gave it a quick listen on the ride in this morning. Interesting… “Nantes” is an early favorite, but the album has yet to be fully digested. But, I figured I’d go ahead and show some love nonetheless!

Very early impression? It’s slight subdued Beirut and if that holds up after repeated listens, that could be a very good thing… But don’t just take my word for it, here are the first 5 tracks (the lead-off “A Call To Arms” being an 18 sec instrumental) to give you a good taste for yourself.


Beirut – A Call To Arms
Beirut – Nantes
Beirut – A Sunday Smile
Beirut – La Banlieu
Beirut – Cliquot

(some songs removed by request)

Go show Beirut some love here, here, and here, now!

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