Don’t be afraid, it’s only love

Photography by Silvio

Well, once again, it’s Friday. How often do we spend 5/7ths of our life waiting for the other 2/7ths to occur? Too often, to be sure… But Some weeks, I’m guilty of it myself. Fortunately, I’ve got my music to keep me warm, to make moments richer, wanting them to slow down and last, like today’s obsession.

(nice segue, eh?)

New York’s Akron/Family’s new album Love Is Simple is simply a wonderfully melodic, often jamboree sounding, occasionally freak-out inducing, beauty of a release loaded with amazing harmonies while drifting from folk to experimental to americana (sometimes in one song!). Perfect for number five of my five-sevenths, as I ready for number one of my two-sevenths.

And they are right, you know… Love is simple.

Enjoy the first three tracks (in order, trust me, it’s how they were meant to be heard), then go show these boys your love…

Akron/Family – Love, Love, Love (Everyone)
Akron/Family – Ed Is A Portal
Akron/Family – Don’t Be Afraid, You’re Already Dead

Every precious human being
been a precious parent to you

every precious human being

been a precious parent to you

what can be done?

what can we do?

what can be done?

what can we do, do, do, do, do, do?

go out and love, love, love, everyone!!!

…Don’t be afraid, it’s only love
Love is simple!

Go show these boys who aren’t from Akron some love here, here, and here now!

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