Always in the back room

Photography “99 Postcards” by Nikola

Here’s hoping for a lovely lazy Monday (took the day off work). I could really use a 3-day weekend (and a 4-day work week).

While looking for a soundtrack for my pending relaxing day (Ooo.. maybe a little Bocce Ball?), I remembered about this album that’s been sitting in my player for a few months just waiting for a day like this, The Ladybug Transistor’s Can’t Wait Another Day. What we got here is comes off to me as some hazy 70’s AM style indie pop. Mellow and chill, with that odd mix of melancholy and optimism. Perfect for today….

Oh, and wouldn’t you know it, it looks like I’m taking the day off with a solid chunk of Canada, so from one aspiring Canadian to our friends and family up north, happy Civic Holiday, Nata Day, British Columbia Day, Heritage Day, or whatever the hell your province likes to call it. Have a drink for me…


The Ladybug Transistor – Always On The Telephone
(baby, I’m so glad this isn’t you… =)

Don’t wait
to see what the day will bring to us
We’ll take
only chances that will come to us
More problems
we can not see, we can not face
it’s true
the only hours we have to waste

Always on the telephone
Always in the back room
Always on my own
It’s got to end soon

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