A prog moment, if you will

Photography (thanks to afuckaday) by Jeffrey Alexander Baehr

I’ve been listening to alot of Sunset Rubdown’s new album Random Spirit Lover lately. A quick scan at Elbo.ws shows that plenty of people are digging it as well. For those who haven’t listened yet, it’s pretty fucking amazing and, according to these ears, is chocked full o’ prog… Let’s call it Indie-prog, shall we? Or how about New Prog? =)

Anyway, this album put a bug up my ass to start pulling out some of my old prog from my youth (in the late 80′ and early 90’s, while in High School, I was a big prog freak… yeah, I was quite the cool kid, wasn’t I? Spending hours talking with fellow, uh, cool, hip, and super popular kids about ELP, Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, and what-not… (sorry kids, Pink Floyd ain’t prog)).

Genesis was always the odd bird for me in my prog days, it’s super poppy post-Gabriel days were so annoying to me, that I’d usually stick to Gabriel’s solo work instead of playing Foxtrot, Lamb, or Selling England (sorry, I was a teenager after all). It’s a shame, because all three albums are amazing and pivotal anchors of the prog “genre”. Selling England By The Pound is my favourite, though which is best is still often debated, and I’m not here to add to the debate, plenty has been said and a simple search will yield plenty of music geeks like myself blabbering on about which album is best at what and blah blah blah…

But prog… with it’s shifts in key, it’s crazy ass time signatures, it’s interludes of piano, or guitar, or moog, or damn near anything, it’s liberal use of components from classical and jazz, it’s bouncing from crazy tension, not just in chords, but in rythm (in everything) then resolving it all before rebuilding the tension, often in long 10 minute plus “songs”. Oh man, some good times if you are willing to give it the time it needs. If I had one complaint, just one annoyance, it was the too often use of mythology & fantasy in the lyrics, giving it a “middle-earth” kinda feel, which (coming full circle, ready?) is why new prog, indie-prog, or whatever is so appealing to me. Yeah, it’s still there, a bit, today, Courtesans and Japanese folk tales (I’m looking at you, Colin Meloy), but it ain’t unicorns and rainbows, if you know what I mean.

Man, I can blabber on. Sorry… Forget select tracks, today let’s go full album, baby. So, I share with you…

Genesis – Selling England By The Pound
(Full Zip – Baby, remind me to re-purchase this on vinyl please!!!)

01 – Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
02 – I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
03 – Firth Of Fifth
04 – More Fool Me
05 – The Battle Of Epping Forest
06 – After The Ordeal
07 – The Cinema Show
08 – Aisle Of Plenty

Go show prog some love here, here, and here now (and here’s wiki’s article)!

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