TSURURADIO Presents… Let It Die on Vinyl!

Photography by Tania Ara├║jo

As promised, this morning, I put on a fresh pot of coffee, extra strong, extra bold, creamy and sweet (just like the way I like my ladies), rolled up my sleeves, brought the pooter over on the floor by the record player over by the stereo. Got everything set up and ripped one of most enjoyable albums to come out this decade, Feist’s gem, Let It Die.

I’m not going to discuss the album to much here, what hasn’t already been said, written, reviewed, and ultimately rewarded?

But I will say this… When we first spun this, we didn’t pay too much attention to the tracklisting as we are both quite familiar with the album, at least, not until we heard that classic whine of early Snoop Dogg style hip-hop floating from our speakers with Feist singing in her sweet secondary language, French, as Side A came to it’s last track, “L’amour Ne Dure Pas Toujours”.

I had actually never heard this track before, along with a slight change-up in the tracklisting, it had replaced “Tout Doucement” that was on the CD release. With this being vinyl and all that implies (as I’ve discussed in the past, the warmth, the noise, etc), it was a brilliant move! It shows a complete understanding of tracklists, and the fact that on vinyl, there are two seperate ones! By adding that song there, it not only ends Side A on a dark, slow, electro-French-nightclub note, but after the long pause of flipping the record and dropping the needle, it allows “Lonely Lonely” to lead-off Side B. It’s a perfect lead-off track for the remaining songs. Just wonderful and the reason why it’s the featured Vinyl Rip.

Oh Feist. I’m such a sucker for those sexy, bold, and incredibly intelligent Canadian girls.

So, let’s get on with it as TSURURADIO Presents… Feist – Let It Die on Vinyl!
(Full Zip)

Side A

01 Gatekeeper
02 Mushaboom
03 Let It Die
04 One Evening
05 Leisure Suite
06 L’amour Ne Dure Pas Toujours

Side B

07 Lonely Lonely
08 When I Was A Young Girl
09 Secret Heart
10 Inside And Out
11 Now At Last

If you have a record player, go buy this album on vinyl now. If not, go buy a fucking record player! At the very least, go show Ms. Feist some sweet love here & here, and go pick up this beauty, and while your at it, her new release The Reminder.

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