In our bedroom after the war

Photography by Alain Daussin

Now, I’m not a music news site but this was pretty cool and I’d thought I’d share the good word. So, it looks like Stars, in an effort to not get fucked over as much by album leaks, has decided to digitally release their newly mastered album In Our Bedroom After The War now for immediate download for about $11 (only about $12 Canuck bucks).

This is in contrast to Matador records effort where they released an “Executive Edition” of the new New Pornographers album Challengers, offering lots of extra goodies, such as b-sides and live material for pre-orders (I can’t wait to get that LP). I love both approaches, though I’ll give more points to Matador, as I love b-sides and all that shit. It just gives you more and more to look forward to!

Anyways, being a big Stars fan, and with all the good times they’ve given me to date, I signed up, grabbed, unzipped, and loaded ‘er up!

wait, that didn’t sound right..

Ah man, after a first listen (I’m working on my second time through now), I’m very satisfied…

Amy on “My Favourite Book” is wonderful, should’ve been their first single, in my humble opine. Some of the album has flavors of R&B (such as in “My Favourite Book” and “The Ghost of Genova Heights”), there’s a bit of broadway in the title track finale, there’s a stark piano with male vocal (not 100% sure if it’s Torquil because his voice sounds very different, less breathy) on “Barricade” that feels very effective and different.

Definitely an evolution of their sound, a mix of elements of their previous releases with new subtleties…

Go here now and show Stars your sweet lovins… Here’s the first single I posted over the weekend, though it doesn’t give the album any justice, still, go enjoy!

Stars – The Night Starts Here

More place to express your love… here and here.

I wish both labels luck, keep putting out wonderful music, and the orders will come…

Alright, that’s it for this moment… So much music I’m going through. Expect posts on The Bowerbirds soon (good shit!), as well as our next vinyl rip (Ooo, going old school again? Or maybe heading up to Canada? Ah, it’s a surprise my friends). Til then, adios.

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