I’m Glad You’re Still Around

Photography by Paul Hiller

Oh man, it’s with great pleasure I share todays’ obsession… I started listening to this album this weekend, and enjoying the hell out of it, but when “Drunkard’s Dream” came on, the Figurines centerpiece track to their upcoming LP, When The Deer Wore Blue, I knew I had my next post.

It was that damn guitar that got me. Sounding like they broke into the home Steve Howe (the guitar virtuoso from the old days of Yes), stole his guitar and his equipment set-up notes from way back, then proceeded to write this amazing song.

Does that even make sense? Probably not. Who cares…

Tell you what, load it up and see for yourself. There is something otherworldly to me about this song, yet decisively modern in it’s approach. It may just be my prog-upbringing, I don’t know. I do know you’ll enjoy.

Ah, and that sweet organ instrumental in the middle there before we get swarmed by that sweet guitar again.

Alright, alright, just enjoy…

Figurines – Drunkard’s Dream

On and off we made it
now it’s up and up and down
On and off we made it
now it’s up and up and down
I’m don’t know if we’ll make it but
I’m glad you’re still around

More love for The Figurines…

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Go show these boys from Denmark you love here, here, and here now!

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